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At Agwa Gallery, we curate a diverse collection of exquisite paintings that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Welcome to the Agwa Gallery, The ultimate online source of beautiful and luxurious paintings of various types such as Wall paintings, Abstract and Calligraphy Paintings in the UAE. At Agwa Gallery, we have assembled an outstanding variety of artworks to a wide range of tastes and desires.

We have a wide selection of eye-catching canvas art, abstract artwork that makes you think, gorgeous wall paintings, and elegant pyrography and calligraphy.


Pyrography is the art or method of using controlled fire through a heated tool, to decorate wood or other materials with burn markings. The term comes from the Greek words "pyro," meaning fire, and "grapho," meaning to write. In pyrography, artists primarily work with wood to produce complex patterns, designs, or images using heated instruments. The pyrography process includes a pen-like tool, that can work with different types of tips of various shapes and sizes. The tips are used to create controlled burns or burn marks on the surface of wood. Artists can achieve a wide range of artistic expression by adjusting the temperature, pressure, and speed of the instrument to generate different shades and textures.


With modern art, you may immerse yourself in a creative, inspiring, and beautiful world. We are aware of the captivating charm of these one-of-a-kind works, and how their vivid colors, captivating compositions, and engaging storylines fascinate us on a mental and emotional level. Every piece of art is a reflection of the culture of the time, reflecting societal environments and individual stories in unique ways such as realism and abstraction. These works frequently feature a wide range of avant-garde mediums and support that complement their modernist aesthetic, from oil and acrylic paints on canvas to mixed-media compositions with components made of wood, metal, and even computer elements.