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We specialize in providing customized art pieces tailored to specific industry segments. We offer themed paintings suitable for various industries, including:


We recognize the value of creating a peaceful and healing atmosphere in medical facilities. Our custom art solutions for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities are designed to provide a relaxing environment that speeds up recovery. Whether it's quiet landscapes, abstract patterns, or motivational artwork, our collection is chosen to promote peace and comfort for both patients and visitors as well as for medical staff. Agwa provides healthcare art solutions in the UAE and offers the best Dubai clinic art décor. Art is used to enhance the peaceful hospital atmosphere in UAE. Art for patient well-being in UAE is one of the best things that improve the hospital environment


Making a stimulating and creative learning environment is an important part of education, in addition to using textbooks and classrooms. Our unique artwork for educational institutions like schools is made to inspire imagination and create a lively environment that promotes experimentation and innovation. We provide a wide choice of artworks that stimulate young minds and add to a dynamic educational experience, from thought-provoking paintings to interactive installations, and give creative education ideas.


The atmosphere greatly influences the guest experience in the hospitality industry through customized art. To improve the entire ambiance and provide visitors with an unforgettable and immersive experience, AGWA Art Gallery UAE offers distinctive works of art that are specially created for restaurants and hotels. Every piece of art in our collection is carefully chosen to match the individual character and style of each hospitality institution, from modern masterpieces to culturally significant displays.


We understand the value of visually capturing the essence of the culinary world, which is a blend of art and flavor. Through carefully chosen items that reflect the very best of food culture, our artistic solutions for the food sector, including restaurants and culinary enterprises, capture the spirit of culinary artistry. Our collection enhances the dining experience visually, whether it be through expressive sculptures, bright paintings with food themes, or abstract depictions of cuisine. Agwa has done several food-themed art projects. 


We specialize in producing custom artworks that complement the corporate identity and professional ethos of organizations. Our corporate artwork is carefully chosen to portray a feeling of professionalism, inventiveness, and sophistication, giving a dash of class and style to the workplace. Our artworks, which range from modern installations to abstract compositions, are intended to enhance the aesthetic appeal of corporate offices and support a vibrant and create motivation in the workplace.  
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